Analysis: UFC Strawweight title fight is Rose Namajunas’ to lose

Source: Analysis: UFC Strawweight title fight is Rose Namajunas’ to lose


Tim Howard to join short-handed Colorado Rapids

The biggest news breaking Sunday morning was the long-rumored (and pretty much a foregone conclusion) official statement that famed U.S. National Team goalie Tim Howard would be joining the Rapids from English Premier League team Everton.

The rumors of Howard coming to Colorado first leaked more than a month ago. On Sunday, it was declared official that Howard would be shipping in when the MLS transfer window opens in July.

More immediately, however, the Colorado Rapids will be without a number of players for Sunday’s nationally televised game with D.C. United.

Not a great way to showcase their team, especially when a three of those sidelined are new additions.

U.S. Men’s National Team player Jermaine Jones — the Rapids biggest offseason addition — continues to serve his six-match suspension for conduct toward an official from last season when he was with the New England Revolution. (It will be his third game.)

Shkelzen Gashi also will sit for a one match suspension for “violating MLS policy when entering the field of play” in last week’s win over the LA Galaxy, according to a news release on the Rapids’ website. A separate story on the site claimed the suspension is for Gashi, who had already been substituted off, running onto the pitch to help teammates celebrate the 90th-minute goal in the Rapids’ win over the Galaxy.

On a much more positive reason for missing games, midfielder Dillon Serna and defender Eric Miller were called up Saturday to the Under-23 National Team to help the squad try and qualify for the Rio Olympics.

Miller started in the Rapids’ opener, a 1-0 loss at San Jose. Serna came on as a substitute in the 83rd minute of the Rapids’ 1-0 win over the Galaxy.

Gashi started both games for the Rapids.

Colorado is hoping to grab three points and its first road victory of the season.

Maybe the absences will open the door for last week’s hero Marco Pappa to start the game. In the first two games, Pappa has come off the bench, last week doing so to tally in the 95th minute.

The Rapids have looked a threat in both games this season. They deserved a victory at San Jose in the season opener, narrowly missing several chances. And the Rapids carried play against the Galaxy, finally rewarded on Pappa’s goal.

D.C. United is still looking for its first victory of the season. United have only one point through their first two games, a scoreless draw last week at New England.

United will get a boost playing in front of their home crowd for the first time this season. Lamar Neagle has United’s only goal of the season.

The game will be televised on ESPN2 at 3 p.m. Mountain time.

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Wrecked crew

Sunday photo fiction. Try and concoct a story in about 200 words to describe the photo provided by Al. I really enjoy this and can’t get enough of it. So here goes.

The look on the foreman’s face said it all. I wasn’t sure what exactly we’d done wrong, but by the level of darkness on his face I knew it was something terrible.

The first thing to run through my mind was that Johnny had killed a bystander while operating the ‘dozer. I’d never been a part of that before but had heard horror stories. We took extra precaution to keep folks back, but sometimes the worst could happen.

But I heard no sirens from approaching emergency vehicles.

Then I noticed the old man walking a step behind the foreman. Tears in his eyes. I’d never seen him before. Damn, I bet he left his dog in the building. Poor mutt never had a chance.

I looked back at the crew. They were staring at me. Johnny hanging outside the bulldozer gave me a shrug. I shrugged back.

“Hey boss,” I said.

The foreman nodded. Motioned to the old man behind him. “This is Don. Owns the building we just knocked down.”

“Okay,” I said, waiting for the rest.

“Wrong building,” the foreman said.

He pointed to a brownstone adjacent to the rubble. “Supposed to knock down that one.”

The Orb from Beyond

One of my favorite weekly photo fiction prompts is Sunday Photo Fiction.

I always enjoy the artwork from Al and his Mixed Bag.

That first day, the Orb floated down to us, gently, cautiously.

It was nearly transparent, but not quite, as though it were using some sort of camouflage to allow for the proper background, but blurred, like it couldn’t get it quite right.

It didn’t matter. What mattered was inside. The beings were similar to us. They stood nearly two meters tall, varied colors of flesh, though most in that first Orb were light colored.

“We come from the next planet,” the shortest one said. “The planet farther from the galaxy’s star.”

There was no need for translation. They spoke our language adequately. They admitted to studying us for some time. They had also let us know they were coming — in peace they told us. We had readied in case they lied, but that was three cycles ago. They hadn’t lied.

I was there the day the Orb landed. That image is frozen in my mind.

I’d dreamt of traveling to other worlds since I was a boy. Now here I was, on board one of their Orbs, heading to their planet.

I couldn’t wait. The name of their world played over and over on the tip of my tongue: “Earth.”


Friday Fictioneers: Lite-Brite redux

Before the newest Friday on the horizon pops up with the sun, here’s a Friday Fictioneers from almost a week ago.

This took some serious editing to get to 96 words. Really could’ve used about 200! And if you don’t know what a Lite-Brite is, look it up. Great toy!

“What are you doing?” my wife asked, shock on her face.

“Shhh,” I said. “They sat us here, their fault.”

I got out of my chair and began moving bottles around, hurriedly, before the sunlight vanished. I shifted the reds toward the bottom. The whites I stacked like a pyramid. I glanced around, hoping the staff wouldn’t notice.

“Now, what is it?”

My wife hesitated, her face redder than the base that still shone with the disappearing sun.

She squinted her eyes before bursting out: “A ship!”

“Bravo!” came my reply. “You are today’s Lite-Brite champ!”


Friday Fictioneers: Sheepish beginnings

Another chance to join the Friday Fictioneers club and follow the most-interesting photo prompt. I assume I’m not the only one that feels like a lamb being led to the laughter.

The first day of our honeymoon and it had started off on the wrong foot.

We hadn’t discussed it before the marriage, but here it was. Move into his place or mine?

The argument grew heated quickly.

Then the traffic stopped.

“I’m going to walk,” I said, opening the door.

“Sam, wait,” John started.

I swung the door open, only to have it pushed right back in, the first of what seemed like thousands of sheep streaming against us.

“Guess this road was a baaaaad idea,” John said.

My giggle turned into gales of laughter for the two of us.

Friday Fictioneers: Moving down river

A weekly photo prompt challenge from Rochelle that I’m excited to delve into. My first attempt at Friday Fictioneers. Check it out too, so you can take a shot at it. And see if you too can keep it under 100 words.

Last night the kids took to dumping an old shopping cart into the muck.

Ever since the power plant up river had built a dam, Laketown had dried up.

With no river lifeline, the jobs had set sail along with the fish.

Even the schools were dwindling. Most of the time my two didn’t go, and I didn’t see much point in sending them.

We’d be shoving off too, and soon. Before I spent my last twenty on a forty. The RV was on empty. And so was I. Not sure which one I wanted to fill up more.