What’s your favorite topic to blog on?

The greatest thing about blogging is the chance to put down whatever you want, whenever you want.

The topics are endless. The opinions and ideas even more so. It’s great to see the free exchange of those ideas and opinions on blogs throughout the world, especially on wordpress which does such a great job of giving us a forum to express those ideas.

With so many topics, what’s your favorite to blog about? Do you prefer diving into the world of make believe,  writing flash fiction, serial fiction or out and out stories.

Or do you prefer sticking to non-fiction, whether it be opining on current events or just offering insight to how you view the world.

Or maybe you prefer telling your stories in pictures, using photos you’ve taken or photos you’ve found across the web and just wanting to share those with everyone because of their beauty. The Daily Post has so many great suggestions and such great insight on what to blog about and how to make that blog look better, and just had a post of where to track down free, usable photos to better that blog.

Do you prefer writing poems? Short snippets of words that convey wide, expansive ideas? Or maybe you prefer longer odes, carrying your readers deep inside your mind.

Or maybe, like me, you love responding to prompts. It’s a great way to see what others write and to challenge yourself to do what the prompt requests. It’s fun to see if you can keep within the constraints of those prompts.

And while those are just a few of the popular topics, they aren’t even close to scratching the surface of all the topics we writers blog about.

So what’s your favorite topic?


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