How blogging is making me grow as a paid writer

As a journalist of more than a decade, I’ve been getting paid to write for years.

Most of it has come as a full-time reporter/editor, but I’ve done a little freelancing on the side — always great to pick up some extra dough (and extra exposure) from someone outside of my day-to-day realm.

But until recently I’d never done any blogging. With the release of my digitally published (read: nontraditional route) debut novel “The Soul Detective” I’ve obviously wanted a little more exposure. Like so many of us, I’ve researched just how to do that. Blogging was the No. 1 suggestion.

In addition to the added exposure, the shocking bonus value has been my own creativity. Journalism is often a somewhat controlled, somewhat semi-stagnant writing environment (trust me, I know). But since I’ve begun blogging, I’ve found myself creating ways to explore a type of writing freedom in my everyday work. Suddenly, because of the creativity and all-freeing power handed to me via blogging, I’ve found myself using more descriptive words that had not previously entered my occupational material. And often it happens without effort. The words just pop out onto the virtual paper.

I’m loving it because it’s such a novelty to see words that rarely enter my vocabulary suddenly cropping up in my work.

I haven’t had any intention of yielding from blogging. And this only encourages me to continue to do it. Yes, it’s extremely rewarding personally. But now it’s bearing fruit professionally, too.



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